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Open Adoption Agreements

Adoptions are typically plagued as the biological parent having some type of long-term issue that deemed them unfit; whether it be drugs, alcohol, or unfit living conditions. This is not always the case. Studies show that children who are adopted often struggle with reality v. fantasy. By reality I mean what their current situation is versus what their life would…

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Books for Women Experiencing Marital Difficulties

Ladies, this blog is for you in particular (don’t worry fellas, your time is coming). At Burton McKinnish, PLLC we do not discriminate, we love representing Moms and Dads. Today is a special blog just for our Mothers that we have helped in the past and will be there for in the future. Who likes a good book? I do!…

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Miserable Company

Being a self-employed attorney sucks most days.  You have more to do than you can say grace over and no matter how hard you work you are never, repeat never caught up much less ahead.  What that means is on Sunday night when you are at dinner with your family you aren’t really there.  Sure you are physically stuffing down…

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The Effect Of Previous Social Security Denials

There was an interesting case out of Michigan last week that could potentially affect Social Security disability applicants in Tennessee. The case is Blankenship vs. Commissioner of Social Security. Blankenship applied for disability in 2002 claiming she was unable to work due to impairments with her feet. She appeared before a Social Security Judge in 2004 who denied her claim…

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