Your Challenges Are Our Top Priority


Dear Aspiring Attorney

Dear Aspiring Attorney, You are probably sitting in a library somewhere with sweatpants on, sipping Starbucks and feeling super intellectual discussing Constitutional Law. Maybe you are in law school hoping to come out and work for a conservative, billion billable hour a year firm and make 6 figures out of the gate. Or maybe you came to law school to…

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Open Adoption Agreements

Adoptions are typically plagued as the biological parent having some type of long-term issue that deemed them unfit; whether it be drugs, alcohol, or unfit living conditions. This is not always the case. Studies show that children who are adopted often struggle with reality v. fantasy. By reality I mean what their current situation is versus what their life would…

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Moving on Up

Most legal blogs are full of case summaries, statutory updates and sage advice. This one is a little more personal for Burton McKinnish, PLLC. Our firm began in 2008 with one location on Court Avenue in Downtown Sevierville, Tennessee. In 2012, in order to better...

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Burton McKinnish Hosts Benefit for Rusty Jenkins

On Saturday, August 26th, Burton McKinnish hosted a benefit for Rusty Jenkins of Gracie Barra Madisonville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu during the Mayweather v MacGregor boxing match. Rusty and Ben train together and recently while training for the World Championships Rusty contracted a serious staph infection and has overwhelming medical-related bills as a result. We were honored to present Rusty with…

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Hiring a Progressive Firm

When I began practice, I would spend long, grueling days trapped to my desktop computer pouring over research and drafting.  Fast forward to 2017 and the practice of law has joined the progress of cyber-land along with other professions.  Burton McKinnish strives to be on the cutting edge of not only legal research but technology as well.  While you may…

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What Your Attorney Being a Board Certified Trial Specialist Means

Ethics rules in most states are strict when it comes to attorneys referring to themselves as a “specialist” or “specializing.”  What does it mean if your attorney is a board certified specialist.   In the age of social media and rampant attorney advertising, any attorney can bring in clients.  Often potential clients see a pop-up ad of their Facebook page…

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