Let Burton Mckinnish, PLLC Take The Fear Out Of Child Custody Battle

Nothing is more terrifying that than the thought of losing your children or having to be separated from them. No one enters a marriage and has children thinking that one day, their children might not be able to spend every night at home in their own beds. Unfortunately, the reality is that not all marriages survive and the byproduct of divorce the that these wonderful children you created with your spouse will now have to spend time with each of you separately, in your separate homes. Sometimes by the time you reach the divorce breaking point the thought of co-parenting in a positive manner seems like a dream. However, oftentimes after a divorce is concluded, parents are able to co-parent better than when they were going through the divorce because parents quit feeling threatened that they will loose their children.

At Burton McKinnish, PLLC, our attorneys are firm believers that our role is to provide legal expertise and strategy and that you, as our client, are the best asset to our child custody case because after all, who knows a child and his or her needs better than his/her parent? We encourage our clients to rely on family, professional counselors, clergy and support groups to asset parents in dealing with divorce and in helping their children to deal with divorce. In an ideal situation, both parents are able to put their marital problems aside and focus on the best interests of the children as divorce ensues. This is not always the case. In more acrimonious cases, our attorneys will steer clients in the right direction to help the parents and children both cope with the divorce and if necessary, suggest tools such as custody evaluators, parent coaches, and/or Guardian Ad Litems to assist the Court in deciding the best child custody arrangement for the children.

As a former CASA volunteer, childcare nanny and mother, Ms. McKinnish is a unique combination of knowledgable and seasoned attorney coupled with compassion for children. The result is an attorney who will pursue a client’s goals relentlessly and effectively. Child Custody cases are not the place to bargain shop. There are no do overs when it comes to your children. Before embarking through a child custody case, make sure you are well-represented by an attorney who knows the law and loves and cares for children – the combination is one that is amazingly effective. Call Burton Mckinnish, PLLC for a free consultation to make sure you hire the right attorney for your child custody case.

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