Ending your Tennessee marriage

People get divorced for hundreds of different reasons. Their lives change and, as their many interests grow, they find they have simply outgrown their spouse. Other times, the situation is more complex and emotional. Whatever the case in your divorce, a qualified divorce lawyer can help you reach a legal end to your marriage.

Burton McKinnish, PLLC are divorce attorneys who focus on resolving complex divorce issues. Many of our clients have amassed marital property and need legal assistance to divide shared assets:

    • Home
    • Vacation properties
    • Other real estate
    • Jewelry & collectibles
    • Businesses
    • Stocks & bonds
    • Retirement accounts, IRAs & other financial property

This kind of property division really requires the care and skill of a qualified legal advocate—the only kind you will find at our law firm. We strive to help people divide marital property, but are also ready and willing to fight to protect your interests.

Meet with us and share your divorce needs and goals. Together we will formulate an effective transition strategy and prepare for the legal process.

When you are ready to file divorce

A big legal step forward is filing divorce. This milestone marks the first official declaration of the intention to end your marriage. From this point forward, you and your attorney will work together and in conjunction with your spouse’s legal counsel to reach a legal resolution.

Collaborative Contested Uncontested

The type of divorce you have directly influences the kind of legal strategy needed to reach a settlement agreement in your favor. Our attorneys are experienced with all of these legal mediums and help you overcome any challenges your divorces presents. We diligently help you prepare to file divorce and make sure we have fully prepared to achieve your legal goals.

Legal Separation

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