Social Security

If you are unable to work due to a disability, we will fight to get the disability benefits you are entitled to receive.

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Family Law / Divorce

Our legal counsel is continuously supportive of your changing legal needs, and we are open to finding the right scenario for your separation.

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Criminal Defense

No other Sevierville criminal defense offers an attorney with both practical and intellectual experience.

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&Personal Injury

Accidents happen. Someone is responsible. Call us before you talk with the Insurance.

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Experienced and Aggressive Lawyers with proven plan for success

Burton McKinnish, PLLC prides itself on being your family’s resource when in need of an attorney. Our corporate office is located in Maryville, Tennessee so that we can easily serve the greater Knoxville area and we provide services throughout East Tennessee from as far north as Bristol to as far southwest as Chattanooga. Our firm offers legal representation both for civil cases as well as criminal defense. If you or someone you love need an attorney, feel free to schedule a free consultation with any one of our experienced attorneys.


Social Security Disability 

We are not a large mill firm where you will never meet with an attorney until the day of your hearing. You will begin your case with a personal consultation with an attorney and then throughout the process your case will be handled together with an attorney and a paralegal to ensure that your case is not just another file number but that your case is as personal to us as it is to you. We serve Social Security Disability clients throughout East Tennessee, Western North Carolina and Southeast Kentucky.

Family Law

Divorce and child custody issues are emotionally painful and the impact of a divorce case goes beyond the finalization of the divorce. We pride ourselves on being zealous and competent as we assist you throughout the dissolution of your marriage as well as how to move forward when it comes to parenting your children after you are no longer living under one roof.

Criminal Defense

Our firm handles criminal defense throughout East Tennessee. The greater Knoxville area is crowded with attorneys advertising for DUI defense. However, our criminal defense attorneys offer experience second to none having clerked with seasoned DUI attorneys prior to entering private practice and developing relationships with law enforcement and prosecutors to stay ahead of the curve with the ever-changing area of DUI defense.

We defend criminal matters on the state and federal level and are careful to prepare a meticulously planned defense for each individual client and the crime he or she is charged with. In additional to criminal defense once charged, we also offer pre-charge services for clients who anticipate being charged with a crime in the East Tennessee area.

Choose an outstanding lawyer

How do you chose an attorney when faced with social security disability, worker’s compensation, personal injury, divorce and child custody, adoption or criminal defense. We encourage our clients to meet with at least Two (2) other attorneys when deciding on an attorney. We are confident that the attorneys who comprise our firm will leave you with no decision but to hire Burton McKinnish, PLLC to work for you. All legal cases have one common method for success – planning and implementing a legal strategy that works to solve your present legal hurdles while evaluating your future needs and goals.

We believe in doing things right the first time. Our firm provides thorough and detailed representation in each one of our practice areas. We also pride ourselves in being honest and transparent regarding the positives and negatives of each individual case.

Available & Accommodating Attorneys

Our firm realizes that legal problems typically arise when you least expect them, so we have made it a part of our business model to be available to clients when they need us most:

  • Call us anytime—we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Night, evening, and weekend appointments available
  • Consultations available in multiple locations across East Tennessee (and for social security disability we also offer in-person consultations in Western North Carolina and Southeastern Kentucky).

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