Workers Compensation Claims

The attorneys at Burton McKinnish, PLLC know that hard work pays off, but what happens when your hard work leads to a work-related injury? While the typical work injury may be caused from a single incident, there are many types of work injuries that can be compensated in Tennessee.  These injuries include: occupational hearing loss caused by noisy machinery, and occupational diseases due to exposure to rock or coal dust. 

Workers in many professions suffer injuries every year, even professions that may not be considered “dangerous”.  Our staff has experience in assisting factory workers, nurses, heavy equipment operators, day care workers, bus drivers, police officers, coal miners, and many others. Regardless of the type of work you performed when you were injured, the attorneys at Burton McKinnish, PLLC are well equipped to handle your claim and can help you secure medical coverage for treatment, temporary disability while you are off work, and compensation for any permanent impairment you may have suffered. 

Also, keep in mind that your situation may call for a full-service law firm, like Burton McKinnish, PLLC.  Injuries sustained in a car accident while on duty for your employer may necessitate not only a workers’ compensation case, but also a personal injury case against another driver. Moreover, if those injuries render you unable to return to your employment, you may also need to file for Social Security benefits. Rather than hire three separate law firms to handle your concerns, we ask you to trust Burton McKinnish, PLLC with your claims and allow us handle all of your legal needs. Our attorneys are experienced in many areas of law and can coordinate multiple cases to benefit you. 

Please contact us today for a free consultation and allow us to be your full-service law firm.  We are aggressive, yet compassionate attorneys who fight for the interests of our clients and we would love the opportunity to fight for you.

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