Accidents happen.  The question is what do you do after you or a loved one has been in an accident.  At Burton McKinnish, PLLC, we pride ourselves in not being ambulance chasing attorneys.  You will not seek our services and be forced into a quick settlement with an insurance company.  We offer free initial consultations because we believe the most important step in a personal injury or wrongful death case is to honestly evaluate the facts of the case.  Once we have assessed your case, we will then decide what is best for your particular case.  Not all car wrecks or serious or fatal accidents are the same so neither should their path to resolution be the same.

Personal Injury


If you or a loved one are one of the 60,000 people injured or killed annually on America’s roads from collisions with tractor-trailers, you probably wouldn’t accept that it was “just an accident.” Someone is responsible, and the insurance companies know this. The tractor-trailer driver’s company and insurance provider will often try to deny responsibility and might offer you less than what you may deserve. They want you to go away. You might be tempted to negotiate with the insurance company directly. Don’t do it! Before you talk to them, before you sign anything, call an experienced attorney who knows your rights and what you deserve.


Pick any profession, and you will find professionals who stick to the highest standards of conduct. You will also find the incompetent, the negligent, and sometimes, the criminal. Police officers are no different. Most police officers do a good job and work hard to uphold the law. However, sometimes police officers make mistakes or cross the line. If you are the victim of a wrongful arrest, excessive force, or injury due to police officer misconduct, call an experienced attorney who is not afraid to take on the police department and pursue compensation for you.


According to national highway statistics, approximately 50,000 people are seriously injured or killed in motorcycle crashes every year. Whether you were a passenger and the driver lost control, or you were riding alone and were hit by a car, somebody owes you money for your injuries and loss. But how much? Don’t try to submit a claim or file a lawsuit on your own. Talk to an experienced attorney who knows how to handle motorcycle related injuries.

However you were injured, if you think someone else is responsible, call Burton McKinnish, PLLC at (865) 233-1105. Your first meeting with an experienced attorney is free! We will investigate your case, walk you through the process of determining what you may or may not deserve, and we will fight hard to help you recover what is owed to you. Don’t put it off, and don’t sign anything until you call Burton McKinnish!