Legal Separation

Permanent arrangements & pre-divorce consultations

Negotiating a legal separation is a sound legal method of exploring up-coming divorce arrangements. It allows divorcing couples the opportunity to try and see what settlement arrangements will work best for their pending divorce.

For other people, legal separation is used in lieu of divorce and for many different reasons:

  • They have strong beliefs against divorce
  • They need time & space to work through marital problems
  • They have complex financial issues

Separation can be a good way to explore a new marital situation while offering legal protection and fulfilling legal grounds for Tennessee no-fault divorce requirements. It is a good way to manage existing problems while looking ahead to avoid future complications.

Talk to our attorneys about finding a separation arrangement tailored to your needs.

Legal help for your separation

Burton McKinnish, PLLC are experienced family law attorneys who offer discreet legal services for their clients. Our legal counsel is continually supportive to your changing legal needs, and we are open to finding the right scenario for your separation .

Depending on your situation, we can help you draft a separation document that tackles the marital issues you face:

Instituting effective separation arrangements will help strengthen your case when it comes time to settle a divorce. Therefore, taking extra time and seeking legal support to draft a comprehensive separation document can be a big benefit.

We can also help you if your separation is not going as planned. Turn to us for legal help and guidance to renegotiate your pre-divorce or long-term arrangements.


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